How To: Create a Slideshow

The more extensive your use of allex BOARD, the greater the number of boards you’ll have within your company. To enable you to display an ever-increasing number of boards at the entrance to your department, our most recent update of the software includes the option to create a board slideshow. You can compile multiple boards such that they are displayed at regular intervals and in an order specified by you.

To access the slideshow settings, open a board, click on “Actions” and then select “Display slideshow”.


You will now find yourself in the “Slideshows” area. There, you can add, edit and start slideshows.


When you click on “Add a slideshow”, you will be taken to the Slideshow Edit Mode. There, you can enter a title for the slideshow, use checkboxes to determine which boards should be included and specify the display duration.


The order can be determined in no time – simply place your mouse over the “click ‘n’ pull” area at the very left of each row and use drag & drop to deliver the slide to its new position.

What do you think about this new feature? Share your thoughts or tell us how you’ve used it in your company!

We hope you enjoy trying the Slideshow feature and look forward to your feedback. You can get in touch with us via YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Xing or email at