Planning of the Assembly Team at Industrial Firm Broetje-Automation GmbH

Broetje-Automation is a worldwide leading expert in manufacturing processes for the aviation and aerospace industries. With a team of 640 employees and branches in Germany, China, England, France, Japan, Russia and the USA, Broete-Automation is a pioneer in the design and implementation of highly efficient aircraft assembly solutions.


Planning of Assembly Teams

Three to four assembly teams are deployed to assemble equipment. The success of a team depends on the optimal allocation of employees to positions within the team and the management’s constant awareness of where and when assembly personnel and specialists are being used. The days of individual Excel tables and the cumbersome handling of service cards and work orders are long past.

How Does Broetje Use allex BOARD?

Operating from their workstations, team leaders divide electricians and mechanics into assembly teams. The allocation of employees is determined live every Thursday via the monitor in the hall. Employees can immediately and clearly see who has been assigned to an assembly job on a customer’s premises, who is working “in-house” and who is currently on holiday or absent.


Cooperation with the Service Department

The service department sometimes also requires assembly employees. The board is useful for these occasions, too, since it provides a transparent picture of the available pool of employees. Service contracts are entered onto the board, enabling individual tasks to be assigned to the relevant employees in a predetermined order. This allows assembly teams to work on a project with as few unexpected interruptions as possible.


The best software we have ever used. It simplifies the allocation of employees to projects and tasks and displays service contracts clearly on the “Assembly Board”.
Klaus Mönnich, Team Leader - Assembly, Broetje Automation GmbH

Makes Employee Qualifications and Skills Visible

The board allows managers to determine whether employees have been optimally allocated to positions within the team. In addition, colored markings (orange = electrician / blue = mechanic) are used to render employees’ individual skills immediately visible. The status of Broetje’s various projects changes on a daily basis. The “Status Board” – as Broetje has chosen to call it – is always available online and in the hall. Access rights enable other departments to check the current status of the assembly department at any time.