5 Tips to get the best ideas from your employees

One key to get the best ideas within the company is often overlooked, this source are the employees.


How to obtain these ideas? We have 5 tips for you to lead your employees to give you  the best suggestions.

  • Set the goals: if you want to receive good suggestions, the employees should know the company goals and in which ideas the company is willing to invest in.
  • Provide information so they can generate good ideas, this can be operational/ resources or managerial information as to help them to provide more informed suggestions, teach them how the business works otherwise the ideas will be different than what the company needs.
  • Do Brainstorming meetings to encourage participation, you could get input from employees from all levels of your company and be able to listen all the ideas.screenshot-ideas-board
  • Manage the ideas: Make sure to take all the ideas into consideration, processed, and reviewed. Your employees depend on you to advance those ideas—or to explain why an idea has been delayed or shot down. If the ideas are not taken into consideration the employees become discouraged and demotivated.

An Ideas manager is a valuable tool to know the points or issues that should be enhanced. The main purpose of an Ideas manager is to manage and implement business ideas and suggestions of your own employees in an efficient way. Moreover a mailbox for suggestions will make your employees feel heard, and that their ideas and suggestions are accessible. Get feedback from employees is very important.

  • Reward employees for good ideas: when ideas do succeed, respond with celebration. You’ll get more suggestions and better-quality suggestions if employees know that there’s compensation for good ideas. And the most important: Make it fun!.

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