Idea generation as a part of the Continual Improvement Process (CIP)

Are you working ON the business or are you working IN the business?

Working ON the business has to be the goal of working IN the business and as a way to achieve it, the continual improvement should be the approach we should take into consideration, but what is continual improvement? It is an ongoing effort to improve products, services, or processes. But how do we achieve it?

Implementing the new ideas that are generated every single day could be a profitable way to reach the improvement.

Process Of Ongoing Improvement

The employees are the most suitable source of ideas for continuous improvement not only because they are the most informed people about what occurs in the company but also for the motivation it may generate within the employees. Our suggested process is divided in four steps to set and implement ideas based on the Continual Improvement Process.

Step 1: Recognition

An employee recognizes and documents (Idea Card) an important discussion topic or comes up with a good idea. The idea/ topic should involve an approach to solving the problem.

The Idea Card facilitates the employees output and helps to organize the ideas. The Idea Card is a document where the employees can write down the possible improvement and main data needed to proceed with the idea.

idea card

Step 2: Discussion

Discussion of the “Idea Cards” during a monthly ideas meeting, the ideas meeting shouldn’t be longer than 30 minutes (see PoogI meeting Agenda) For each card, the team determines the course of action, the responsibilities involved and the potential team benefits.

PoogI Meeting Agenda

  • Welcome
  • Ideas in Progress
    • Status?
    • Next steps?
  • New Ideas
    • Explain new idea cards
    • Clarify the idea topic?
    • Is the idea topic an improvement for our team?
      • No? Delegate back to the idea provider
      • Yes? Can we solve this issue in 5 minutes?
        • If not, who can do it till when?
        • If yes, solve it?
        • Workshop? Additional meeting needed?
      • After 30 minutes: Thank you and goodbye!

Step 3: Execute and Monitoring

Subsequently the Monitoring of those activities is the next step in the PoogI monthly ideas meeting, the aforementioned is through a review of the ongoing ideas cards as well as the successfully implemented idea cards The implementation of the new solutions and presentation of newly implemented solutions (and where applicable, new standards) by the team member to which the idea was assigned.

Step 4: Documentation

Charting and statistical evaluation of implemented ideas.

This method is useful when the employees are in the same location however there are digital options for companies that deal with projects where the employees aren’t in the same office or country. This enables users to visualize who is responsible for the implementation of an idea. If you want to try the Digital Ideas Board feel free to try this methodology without any cost in .