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Better Cooperation Is Our Motivation!

allex has been helping businesses make the switch to Critical Chain Project Management since 2002. The desire for a focused way of working and more transparency in multi-project environments – as well as our frustration with existing software solutions – prompted us to work together with our customers to develop allex DRIVE (a critical chain project manager) and allex BOARD (a digital tool for the allocation of employees to projects). Both products were ready for market in 2013. This was also the year in which allex founded consulting firm allex PROJECTS, sister firm to allex SOFTWARE GmbH, which is based in Bad Boll near the Swabian capital of Stuttgart.

allex DRIVE and allex BOARD have now been implemented successfully by a number of market-leading firms. Central to our philosophy – and the motivation for our product development – is the desire to make a positive impact on inter-organizational cooperation. Our work focuses on collaborating with customers to create practical solutions right along the value chain – and we are proud to say that this guiding principle is also our greatest success factor.

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