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Free Webinar

Our webinars offer you an opportunity to learn more about the functionality and performance of our software.

If you already know allex DRIVE and allex BOARD and have more specific questions about certain use cases, we suggest an individual appointment with us.

allex DRIVE: Control your projects and project portfolio transparently!

In this webinar you will learn how to retrieve any project or project portfolio information with few mouse clicks. The program will be explained from the viewpoint of executives, project managers, department managers, group managers and staff.

In the next step we will present more information on project planning and management by showing how the order of projects and workloads for each team gets automatically generated by our Software.

An easily maintainable strategic, middle-term, and current capacity management is likewise part as budget planning and project controlling. The most important evaluation options as well as the automatic and consistent status report will be introduced.

At the end we will demonstrate how you can determine by the help of scenario projects, if a project can be realized with existing capacities. After that we will be happy to answer your questions.

allex BOARD: Staff Management - who works on what with whom until when?

At first, you will get an overview on the application of the staff management BOARD by a practical use case of an assembly and development department. After that you will experience how you can configure your individual board easily and how staff and resources can be easily allocated across the board.

Then we will discuss the method of focused working. You will see how everyone (even your boss) can identify the current capacity situation on the board. Through this, effects of edging in workloads and projects will be instantly visible.

allex BOARD: Delivery status always visible!

In this webinar you will learn how the allex supplies board enables your partner suppliers, project managers and purchasing department to maintain an overview over the delivery status of the most important components. Times of calling for check-ups are over.

allex BOARD: Resource planning for projects

In this webinar you will be introduced to the idea board and how it supports a process that has been established for over 20 years. Ideas are mainly implemented in the own department in a quick and uncomplicated way. You will be positively surprised by the simplicity and efficiency of this process.

Registration for the free Webinar

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Organization & Technical Requirements:

Our webinars are broadcasted live with the online presentation tool Team Viewer. One day before the webinar you will receive the Portal Link and Meeting-ID via e-mail.

For participation in our webinar you will need a headset or alternatively a microphone and speakers, as well as a computer with internet access. In case you do not have a microphone, you will be able to submit your questions through the chat function.