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Visual Team Boards

Cooperate Better

Whether in the assembly hall or on the flatscreen TV, on the projector in the meeting room or on the tablet while you’re on the go…A modern web browser and the relevant access rights are all that’s needed to take part in board discussions, view up-to-date information or edit the board.

Make all employees and resources visible, and the issue of “resource politics” disappears. The option exists for boards to be made visible to all teams or departments in a company, making cross-departmental cooperation easier. Such cooperation could include the “borrowing” of employees or specialists from other departments. A glance at the relevant board lets departmental leaders know who is available, who is working on what, and when they are doing it. Give your fellow departmental manager a call, and they’re sure to be willing to help you out!

Streamlined Coordination Processes, Fewer Meetings

The employee allocation board displays the current status of your team on a single page. Who is absent? Which resources have not yet been allocated? Can we take on additional projects? What’s the situation in other departments? All of the above is made clear and transparent. A glance at the board lets senior management know who is working on what, until when. If there are extra projects and tasks to be dealt with, the board shows immediately whether the necessary resources are available. The need for lengthy meetings is eliminated.

It’s every manager’s dream: Each member of your organization sees the same picture, enabling more targeted meetings and less wasted time.

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