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Visual Management Made Easy

Customize allex BOARD to Suit Your Needs

The BOARD can be customized using a configurator. Layout (columns, selection fields, text fields etc.) and content (status, responsibility, deadlines etc.) can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements, just like in an Excel sheet.

Easy Management of Roles and Users

User rights can be assigned individually to each employee, enabling administrators to determine exactly who is able to view each board and what kind of access they have. Different board actions exist for the roles of administrator, editor and viewer.

View allex BOARD at Home on a Range of End Devices

Boards can be displayed on a range of end devices, including tablets, computers and flatscreen TVs. Clearly laid-out information can be accessed at any time and from any location.

Transparent Management of Visual Resources

Employees are not the only resource that can be managed using the board. Specific resources can be created and used within a particular board, allowing members of a team or department to check their availability or see where they’re being used. Resources could include testing equipment, vehicles or particular workspaces.

Other Functions

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