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Secure Cooperation

Optimal levels of online security.
Working in accordance with the motto “Security First”, we protect your data round-the-clock from unwanted access by third parties.

Certified Data Center

Your data is stored in a high-security data center in Karlsruhe run by Telemax Telekommunikation GmbH. To guarantee the safe, uninterrupted running of the server, the center features a redundant power supply, an emergency diesel power unit, optimised climate control, fire protection and video surveillance with an access control system. It is certified in accordance with ISO 27001 and is also used by the MDAX companies of Germany.

Daily Backup

Your data is backed up daily on our redundant storage, thereby guaranteeing you the highest possible standards of data security. The daily backups cover your entire collection of data: all boards, resources and users.

Encryption As Used for Online Banking

SSL encryption is used to secure the transfer of data between your computer and our servers. This complies with the security standards required for online banking services.

Sophisticated Firewall System

All allex BOARD servers are protected from unauthorized access by a state-of-the-art firewall system that monitors inbound and outbound connections round-the-clock. These protective measures ensure that uninvited guests remain at the door!

Server and Software Monitoring

Our software and servers are permanently overseen by a comprehensive monitoring system.

Security For Your Data:

  • Server in Germany
  • Certified data center with access control system
  • Data is backed up daily
  • Secure data transfer with SSL encryption
  • Sophisticated protective measures and firewall
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