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Efficient Allocation of Employees

allex BOARD helped us to distribute tasks within the technical documentation team. My colleagues and our translation agencies now report back to the board with the status of the tasks and an expected date for completion. allex BOARD lets each member of the company see when they’ll be receiving the document they need!
Yvonne Meyer, Team Leader - Documentation, MAXIMATOR GmbH

More Tasks in Less Time

  • Project and departmental managers want to have tasks processed as quickly as possible.
  • Company directors find it difficult to make an accurate estimate of project duration.
  • The marketing department receives a constant stream of new tasks.

All of this results in conflicting priorities within departments, forcing employees to jump back and forth between different tasks.

We recommend: Create a jointly agreed-upon order for tasks instead of several jumbled priorities – and make it visible to all!

Who Works With Whom, On What and For How Long?

Use drag & drop to move your employees to the task or project they’re currently working on. This is best done at a morning employee allocation meeting. The board offers a multitude of options for visualizing the current situation in your department. If an employee is on holiday or is busy supporting another department, this can also be represented.

Completely Customizable

At the core of our approach to employee allocation is the chance to customize the board exactly according to your requirements. Each board can be configured with regard to project sequence, status, responsibility, timing, project deadlines or estimation of remaining duration. As flexible and simple as an Excel sheet – and transparent and visible to all.

Each Team Member Gets the Board Rights They Need

Rights management allows you to determine what a user is permitted to do and which boards they can view. Users can be assigned administrative, editing or view-only rights.

Updates Immediately, Accessible From Anywhere

Boards can be accessed using any modern web browser. Whether on the flatscreen TV in the assembly hall, in the meeting room or on the tablet while you’re out and about – the current status of your projects is accessible from anywhere. Each connection is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access.

Your Advantages:

  • Simple: Carry out changes using drag & drop.
  • Secure: Precise control over user access.
  • Flexible: Customization of columns, layout and other design options.
  • Clear and Concise: All the information you need on a single page.
  • Worldwide: Access from anywhere.
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