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A Minimum of One Idea Per Head

Regain Access to your Greatest Source of Knowledge

A company’s employees are its greatest source of knowledge. They have the best ideas. Sadly, these ideas seldom find their way into use. Employees’ suggestions wait months to be considered and are often perceived to be insufficiently rewarded. The result: a demotivated team – and the main reason why internal suggestion systems have fallen by the wayside in the majority of companies in recent years.

If you’ve decided to kick-start your suggestion scheme afresh and approach it with the credit it’s due, the Ideas Board could be just what you need.

A Simple Four-Step Process

Ideas are Implemented by Employees Themselves

Ideas submitted to the board are assigned to employees using drag & drop. This enables users to visualize who is responsible for the implementation of an idea. The board allows everyone to see who is already working on an idea and who is yet to receive a card. This, in turn, enables equal distribution of tasks and ensures that the business does not always rely on the same few people.

It’s important to note that ideas should have 80% relevance to an employee’s own area of the company. If an employee has suggestions relating to another area, their ideas can easily be forwarded to the Ideas Board of the appropriate department.

Whether 7 or 17 – the board works the same no matter how many members are in a team.

Streamlined Ideas Process

It is recommended that your team discussion of the ideas board lasts no longer than 30 minutes and that you integrate it into an existing meeting. Once a month is more than sufficient. The process is as follows:

  • Welcome by the moderator
  • Short discussion of the ideas in progress that should have been implemented by the date of the meeting
  • The moderator reads out the new cards. Cards are explained by the team members who submitted them.
  • If the team understands the idea and feels it would represent an improvement, the idea coordinator will use the board to assign a member of the team to implement it.
  • If the team decides that little or no benefit would result from the idea, the card is given back.
  • If the idea deals with a large topic or a complete project, the moderator takes the idea away with them and assesses it in detail.
  • After 30 minutes, the discussion is broken off – remaining cards are dealt with in the next session.

Flexible Design Options

Layout, columns and rows can be configured according to your requirements. The board configurator makes it easy to add your logo and and compartmentalize your board with additional dividing lines in a variety of colors.

Changes can be made at any time and will never affect the information displayed on the board.

Assists in the Work of Departmental Managers, Lean Office Experts and CIP Experts!

Whether you’re an in-house consultant, departmental manager or a large consultancy firm, we’ll be glad to assist you in the creation and launch of your own Ideas Board. Just get in touch!

Your Advantages:

  • Result-Oriented: Visualize ideas and implement them with ease.
  • Secure: User access is controlled.
  • Flexible: Customize your layout and columns
  • Proven in Practice: Tried and tested by thousands of users.
  • Worldwide: Access from anywhere.
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