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Supplier Tracking 4.0 – Simple and Transparent

You and Your Suppliers – On the Same Page

Visual communication helps us understand each other better. This is exactly what the supplier tracking board aims to do: It visualizes the status of your deliveries. Instead of telephoning back and forth and spending time discussing the important assemblies and parts, the supplier simply reports back to the board with the delivery status. You determine the specifics of the arrangement in your individual contractual agreement.

Whenever you speak to your supplier on the phone, you both see the same screen and can be sure that you’re on the same wavelength – regardless of where you are in the world. The board makes it significantly easier to work better, together.

Hint: We recommend that you configure the board alongside your supplier to enable them to get used to how it works.

View the Status of Deliveries at Any Time

Keep Your Project Purchaser Happy

The supplier tracking board makes individual work sections and system suppliers easy to keep tabs on. Instead of endless emails, you get binding progress reports from the supplier to the board, the specifics of which can be agreed upon in the individual supplier contract. If a supplier fails to report back for a milestone, your project purchaser can step in. If everything stays in the “green area”, your project purchaser enjoys the benefits of stress-free cooperation with suppliers. Photos can be used to help establish the current status of the delivery.

Each Team Member Gets the Board Rights They Need

Rights management allows you to determine what a user is permitted to do and which boards they can view. Users can be assigned administrative, editing or view-only rights.

Flexible Customization Options

The layout, columns and rows can be configured according to your requirements. The board configurator makes it easy to add your logo and compartmentalize your board with additional dividing lines in a variety of colors. Changes can be made at any time and will never affect the information displayed on the board.

Your Advantages

  • Secure: Precise control over user access
  • Flexible: Customize columns, layout and other design options
  • Clear and Concise: All the information you need on a single page
  • Worldwide: Access from anywhere
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