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Untangle your Project Commitments with Transparent Multi-Project Management

The critical chain multi-project manager allex DRIVE lets you keep your project portfolio under control. All projects are displayed concisely on one side of A4. One glance at the list, and you’ll know which projects require resources and which are critical in terms of their budget or timing.

Automatically-generated urgency indicators help you schedule the order in which your projects and tasks should be addressed, enabling error-proof project planning and management. With just three clicks, you get exactly the analysis that a multi-project manager, departmental manager or management board needs.

When we decided to organize our multi-project landscape using CCPM methods, we were threatened with failure even during the planning stage due to questions over suitable software and the associated costs. Thanks to our cooperation with allex PROJECTS, we received professional, insightful support over the entire duration of the project. We also benefited from the use of allex DRIVE, a tool that impressed us with its simplicity and value for money and gave us exactly the degree of transparency we were looking for.”
Ingo Körner, Managing Director, Broetje-Automation GmbH

allex DRIVE Looks After Your Projects Automatically

Following the software-supported project planning workshop, team leaders are required to report back only with how long their work package will take. Everything else is taken care of automatically.

Make the Right Decisions Early

Critical chain project management enables you to view current levels of progress at a glance and recognize potential delays in advance, giving you ample opportunity to manage your projects in a deadline-oriented manner and get them done on time.

Get Started With Just Half a Day’s Training

allex DRIVE is based on Microsoft Office. Familiar user interfaces mean that most of your team will be able to start using the software without the need for costly or time-consuming training. A half-day training session is required for project managers. For all other roles – such as departmental leaders and work package managers – training takes no more than 1.5 hours.

Simple Installation and Setup

The tool can be installed on a regular file server. With the assistance of your IT department, it should take no longer than 45 minutes to complete. The client machine is required only to have a Microsoft Windows environment with Microsoft Office from 2010 or later. Further information can be found in our frequently asked questions.

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