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Transparent Multi-Project Management

Intelligent Project Planning

allex DRIVE uses the critical chain of a project as its basis for the project plan. A minimum duration and buffer are estimated for each phase. Supply chains flow into the critical chain and are used to map dependencies and integration points. The total project buffer is calculated automatically. An integration buffer can be determined if so required.

Managing Departments and Groups

Efficient execution of projects in your project portfolio requires all departments and groups to be working on the right things. allex DRIVE uses critical chain progress and rate of buffer consumption to automatically calculate an order for the completion of tasks in each department or group. This order guarantees that the project is quickly steered through all departments involved in its execution.

Easy Planning and Management of Resources

How’s your project workload for the next six months? allex DRIVE enables you to carry out medium-term and strategic capacity planning.

Throughput and Budget Monitoring

allex DRIVE makes it easy to keep tabs on your project budget, with all the information you need at the click of a button. The forecast is derived directly using feedback from the individual phases and supply chains, which guarantees you the most accurate and up-to-date estimation possible. In accordance with the critical chain method, a buffer is included in the budget calculation. allex DRIVE maps the buffer using maximum and minimum values.

Simple to Operate

Functions and information are never more than a few clicks away. Since allex DRIVE is based on Microsoft Office, the majority of elements on the interface are already familiar to users and the need for costly, time-consuming training is eliminated. The modular structure allows users only to see content in their area of responsibility.

Other Functions

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